Andrew Lackey, MPSE

Atlanta, GA
andrew at wabisabisound dot com

Supervising Sound Editor

Audio Director

Sound Designer

Owner of Wabi Sabi Sound, Inc

Andrew Lackey provides creative and technical post production sound leadership to cutting edge film, game and advertising projects.  Leveraging creativity, technical knowledge, logistical experience and budget planning, Andrew's team delivers award winning projects on time, on target and on budget. 

Andrew is an independent and award winning supervising sound designer with over 90 film, game and advertising credits. Known for pushing creative and technical boundaries, Andrew works with major and independent studios alike.  Let's talk about your project!

A 17 year veteran, Andrew's film work includes creative roles on the Matrix Trilogy, Treasure Planet, Ghost Ship, 13 Ghosts, Swordfish, 8 Mile and Red Planet. While, Andrew's game sound credits include senior or director level creative roles on the Dead Space franchise, Ori and the Blind Forest, Bioshock 2, Spore and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 and The Witness.

In 2008, Andrew founded Wabi Sabi Sound, Inc. in Berkeley, CA to offer a deep "Design First" approach to post sound services.  Now re-located in Atlanta, GA, Andrew and Wabi Sabi Sound bring a blend of talent, technical skill and modern collaboration methods to serve clients worldwide.

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Complete Credits 1998 - 2015






Audio Director/Sound Design
Jonathan Blow

UnnannouncedAudio DirectorGameUnnanounced

Ori and The Blind ForestAudio Director/Sound DesignGameMoon Studios/Microsoft Game Studios
StormfallSound Design MixTrailerPlarium
Destiny:  The Taken King
Additional Creature Sound Design

NordsSound DesignGamePlarium

Total War: Rome IISound Design MixCinematicsThe Creative Assembly/Sega
Shadow Realms Announce TrailersSound Design MixTrailergNet/Bioware/EA
CinemacitySound Design MixInstallationStandard Vision
Total War: Rome II - Hannibal At the GatesSound Design MixTrailerThe Creative Assembly/Sega
Spartan Announce TrailerSound Design MixTrailerPlarium
GitHub OctoCat Announce TrailerSound Design MixTrailerGithub
SpartanSound Design MixGamePlarium
VoicesSound Design and InstallSound/Photo Install CollaborationPhotographer Dustin Chambers

Total Domination - TeaserSound Design MixTrailerPlarium
Total Domination - TrailerSound Design MixTrailerPlarium
Lazy BoyzSupervising Sound Editor/Rerecording MixerFilmBooya Productions
Soldiers, Inc.Sound Design Audio DirectionSocial GamePlarium
MulberrySupervising Sound Editor/Rerecording mixerFilmR.H. Norman
Dead Space 3Sound Design and CinematicsMulti-platform GameVisceral /Electronic Arts

World of Warcraft: Mists of PandariaCreature Sound DesignPC GameBlizzard Entertainment
Dead Space 3: GamescomSound Design and MixTrailergNet /Electronic Arts
ChefvilleTheme MusicSocial GameZynga
Flower DefenseTheme Music and Sound DesignAndroid GameIntegralis Software
Dead Space 3: Two Ways to PlaySound Design and MixMulti-platform GamegNet /Electronic Arts

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3Cinematic Sound Design and MixMulti-platform GameSledgehammer/Activision
Warp!Creature Sound Design and CinematicsMulti-platform GameTrap Door /EA
Dead Space 2Creature Sound DesignMulti-platform GameVisceral /Electronic Arts
Kingdoms of Amular: ReckoningSound DesignTrailerG-net
The Darkness IITeaser Trailer Sound Design and MixTrailerG-net
FarmvilleMusic, Effects, and UI Sound DesignSocial GameZynga
NBA LegendSound DesignSocial GameLionside
Farmville: Winter WonderlandTheme MusicSocial GameZynga
Farmville: Autumn Sea SideTheme MusicSocial GameZynga

Skylanders: Spyro's AdventuresCreature, Effects and UI Sound DesignMulti-platform GameActivision
God of War: Ghost of SpartaCinematic Sound Design and MixMulti-platform GameSony
Bioshock 2: Minerva's Den DLCLevel Sound Design/CinematicsMulti-platform Game2k Games
SpadaSound Design Voice Acting MixCorporate BrandingSanBox
ilectric FootballSound Design and Audio DirectioniOSSteamroller Studios
Eucerin Frontline

PrEPTheme Music

Left 4 Dead 2Intro Sound Design and MixMulti-platform GameValve, Inc.
Dante's InfernoSound Design/Mix CinematicsMulti-platform GameElectronic Arts
Bioshock 2Level Sound Design/ImplementationMulti-platform Game2k Games
Dante's Inferno E3 (Trailer)Sound Design/MixTrailerElectronic Arts
Team Fortress: Meet the SpyCinematic Sound Design/MixAnimationValve, Inc.
Jurassic HunterCinematic Sound DesignMulti-platform GameTechnicolor
Andrew Lackey Personal Credits


Spore (VG)Senior Sound DesignerMulti-platform GameMaxis/Electronic Arts
Dead Space (VG)Senior Sound DesignerMulti-platform GameElectronic Arts
Dead Space: DownFallAdditional Sound DesignAnimationElectronic Arts
Spore Creature CreatorSound DesignMulti-platform GameMaxis/Electronic Arts

The Godfather (VG)Sound Effects DesignerMulti-platform GameElectronic Arts
James Bond: From Russia With Love(VG)Senior Sound DesignerMulti-platform GameElectronic Arts

Lord of the Rings: The Third Age (Trailer)

Lord of the Rings: The Third Age (VG)Senior Sound DesignerMulti-platform GameElectronic Arts
SpartanFoley EditorFeature FilmWarner Bros.
Ella EnchantedSound Effects EditorFeature FilmMiramax

The Matrix RevolutionsSound Effects DesignerFeature FilmWarner Bros.
GothikaSound Effects DesignerFeature FilmWarner Bros.
Samsung Matrix PhonesSound Effects DesignerTV ADWarner Bros
The Matrix ReloadedSound Effects DesignerFeature FilmWarner Bros.
The AnamatrixSupervising Foley EditorAnimationWarner Bros.
Final Flight of the Osiris: The AnimatrixSound Effects DesignerAnimationWarner Bros.
Enter The Matrix (VG)Sound Effects EditorMulti-platform GameShiny Entertainment / Atari
Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six 3: Raven ShieldSound DesignerGameUbisoft

Treasure PlanetSupervising Foley Editor/Sound Effects EditorAnimationDisney
TheyAdditional Sound Effects DesignFeature FilmMiramax
8 MileSupervising Foley EditorFeature FilmUniversal Pictures
Ghost ShipSound Effects DesignerFeature FilmWarner Bros.
Reign of Fire (Trailer)Sound Effect DesignerTrailerDanetracks/Touchstone Pictures
Signs (Trailer)Sound Effects EditorsTrailerDanetracks/Touchstone Pictures
Windtalkers (Trailer)Sound Effects EditorTrailerDanetracks/MGM
Newton (TV Pilot)Supervising Sound EditorTV DramaDanetracks/NBC
Nike Boing StampedeSound Effects DesignerTV ADDanetracks/Nike
Nike ShoxSound Effects DesignerTV ADDanetracks/Nike

13 GhostsSupervising Foley EditorFeature FilmWarner Bros.
Migration Of CloudsSupervising Sound Editor/Rerecording MixerFeature FilmShowerhead Pictures
SwordfishSound Effects Editor/DesignerFeature FilmWarner Bros.
Exit WoundsSupervising Foley EditorFeature FilmWarner Bros.
Lobo Flash Animation SeriesSound Designer

AntitrustSupervising Foley EditorFeature FilmMGM

Red PlanetSound Effects DesignerFeature FilmWarner Bros.
Unbreakable (Trailer)Sound Effects EditorTrailerDanetracks/Touchstone Pictures
Tachyon: The FringeCinematic Sound DesignerGameDanetracks/Novalogic
Looking for an EchoSupervising Foley EditorFeature FilmDanetracks/Regent

GoSupervising Foley EditorFeature FilmDanetracks/Sony
The MatrixAssistant Sound EditorFeature FilmDanetracks/Warner Bros.
The Crossing (TV-MOV)Supervising Foley EditorTV DramaDanetracks/A&E Network
Perilli Tires - StampedeSound Effects Designer, Field RecordistTV ADDanetracks/Perilli Tires

Panels and Lectures

2016 GDC: Sonic Polish Through Global Development: Ori and the Blind Forest
2015 SEIGE CON: Ori and the Blind Forest Post Mortem
2014 AES Atlanta: Intro to Game Audio Workshop

2013 SiegeCon:  Creature Sound Design Tips and Tricks
2013 American Intercontinental University:  Trailer Design and Mixing
2013 American Intercontinental University:  Trailer Design and Mixing
2010 AES Middle Tennessee State University:  Film and Game Post Careers
2007 GDC:  Sound Design Round Table for Surround Sound in games.
2006 AES:  James Bond: From Russia with Love - A look at the audio production.

Honors & Awards

2016 - GANG - Audio of the Year - Ori and the Blind Forest - Winner
2016 - GANG - Best Mix - Ori and the Blind Forest - Winner (tie)
2016 - Developer's Choice Awards - Best Sound - Ori and the Blind Forest - Nominee
2016 - AIAS DICE Awards - Best Sound - Ori and the Blind Forest - Nominee
2016 - ADDY - Sound Design - Alien Vs. Predator - Gold Spike - Winner
2015 - Golden Joystick - Best Audio - Ori and the Blind Forest - Winner
2015 - MASA - Best Sound Design - Ori and the Blind Forest - Nominee
2015 - MASA - Best Sound Design - YOU’VE BEEN CHOSEN - Ad campaign - Nominee
2014 - ADDY - Best Sound Design - YOU’VE BEEN CHOSEN - Ad campaign - Silver Winner
2011 - GANG - Best Handheld Audio - God of War Ghost Of Sparta Cinematic- Nominee
2010 - GANG - Best Cinematic Audio - Left 4 Dead 2 - Nominee
2010 - GANG - Best Article - Surviving the Crunch: Being Health Sound Designers - Nominee
2009 - GANG - Audio of the Year Dead Space - Winner
2009 - GANG - Best Sound Design - Dead Space - Winner
2009 - AIAS - Best Sound Design - Dead Space - Winner
2009 - BAFTA - Best Sound Video Game - Dead Space - Winner
2009 - GDC - Developer’s Choice Award- Best Sound - Dead Space - Winner
2009 - GANG - Audio of the Year - Lord of the Rings - Nominee
2004 - Golden Reel - Best Sound Feature - Matrix: Reloaded - Nominee
2002 - Golden Reel - Best Sound Animated Feature - Winner
2000 - Emmy - Best Sound Editing - The Crossing - Nominee